DADDY Magazine is a Berlin-based publication that examines the tough issues (like racism, sexism, homophobia and discrimination) through a humorous lens.

ADC Award for Editorial Publishing

– Art Directors Club


“DADDY: Wie das Magazin aus Berlin unterrepräsentierte Stimmen in den Mittelpunkt stellt”

– Vogue Germany


“DADDY Magazine is reclaiming space for underrepresented voices in German media”

– Friends of Friends


“DADDY, the Berlin Magazine Setting a New Standard for Inclusive Publishing”

– AnOther Magazine


“What sets DADDY apart is not only the topics it explores but also how it approaches them. First-person narratives dominate DADDY’s content – handing the stage to a wide spectrum of marginalised voices.”

- Berliner Zeitung


“DADDY Magazine: Berlin zine for untold stories and critical perspectives”

- Cee Cee Creative


"In a saturated media landscape, DADDY is a breath of fresh pink air."

- LOLA Magazine


"The key difference from other sites grappling with big intersectional, socio-political issues is that DADDY is keen to add lashings of humour and satire."

- Amuse

We launched in 2016 with a vision to diversify the German mediascape by creating an online magazine that focuses on the voices and stories of those who aren’t represented enough in traditional media. On our website and across our social media channels we centre the perspectives of marginalised people by letting them tell their stories, their way. Our intersectional magazine is Black-owned and led by Kemi Fatoba.

We organise panel talks, literary readings, exhibitions, and our annual birthday party. We also collaborate with like-minded organisations such as the Chicago-based OTV – We are OpenTV to pull off bigger projects like #BraveFutures, a 48-hour intersectional film festival.

For the next stage in our evolution, we expanded the DADDY-verse to include an annual print magazine. This is a major undertaking for us and one we’re currently self-funding – because if we don’t believe in our vision, then who will? We’re still the same collective of writers, designers, and artists and our online magazine will remain a platform for amplifying the voices of those who are underrepresented in traditional media – either by helping them get started in their writing career or by using our platform to highlight causes we care about. 

Our mission to amplify marginalised voices has never been more important. If you’d like to support us as partners or advertisers, we’d love to hear from you. We also happily accept donations.

DADDY Consultancy

DADDY Consultancy is designed to help people, collectives, institutions, and companies communicate better with their diverse target groups. We are a multilingual, intersectional editorial team – which is far from the norm in Germany. Because of our different identities, we inevitably constantly think about how communication between different groups in society can be improved.

We believe that our project will result in media-makers being more reflective and sensitive about topics that they know little about due to their biography. With our service, we hope that excuses such as "We could not find PoC / LGBTQI journalists, artists, creatives etc." will no longer be accepted. We can help you reach the creatives you need on your team, or simply interrogate your current work and communication guidelines to help you create truly inclusive and welcoming material.



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