Join us for #Bravefutures Berlin!

Written by the DADDY team • Photo by Kgotlelelo Sekiti


Join us for #Bravefutures Berlin!

Written by the DADDY team • Photo by Kgotlelelo Sekiti


#Bravefutures Berlin is an intersectional film race brought to you by DADDY and OTV.

After a successful competition in Johannesburg, we are excited to announce the Berlin edition of this film race for creatives, storytellers and filmmakers of all levels. 

Using one intersectional theme, one prop and one action, we are challenging you to create a film in 48 hours.

Participants will pre-register online for a chance to compete. Pre-registration is free of charge and open to all over 18 years of age; with strong prioritization for intersectional identities (i.e. LGBTQ+, Women, Non-Binary, Muslim, Black, etc.). Those who meet the pre-registration criteria (e.g. age, location, completed teams, etc.) will be emailed the rules of the competition (e.g. team sizes, duration, due date, themes, submission guidelines, etc.) and invited to compete in the #BraveFuturesFilmRace.

Competition Details

We look forward to having you all become a part of the first Brave Futures Film Race and are excited to build community, share your stories and create a space for artistic expression. PLEASE READ THESE COMPETITION DETAILS BEFORE PRE-REGISTERING FOR THE BRAVE FUTURES FILM RACE (BERLIN)


If you are interested in participating in Brave Futures Film Race, please pre-register your team here. If your team qualifies for the competition you will be notified via email on the project kick-off details. The Brave Futures Film Race will begin on February 15, 2020, at 10h00. You will receive an email with the theme, prop and action, along with all of the submission details and terms of the competition on February 14, 2020, at 18h00. Your team will have 48 hours to conceive, film, edit and submit your film. All films must be submitted by 10h00 on Monday, February 17, 2020.


48 hours + Submission

Each film must include the three #BraveFutures Elements (i.e. theme, prop, and action). Using these Elements, the filmmakers will have 48 hours (or 2 days) to write, cast, film, edit and submit a completed short film. Submission details will be located in the registration kick-off email and also available online at Films submitted after the deadline will be automatically disqualified. 

Evaluation + Screening + Awards Ceremony

Once films have been submitted they will be reviewed to ensure that all elements are included. The omission of any element will result in an automatic disqualification. Films approved will move to the next round and will be screened at Moviemento in Kreuzberg February 25-26 where attendees will vote on a variety of intersectional categories after watching the qualifying films. An awards ceremony and reception will be held at Moviemento on February 26 following the final screening where the winners of the Brave Futures Film Race will be announced.


Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I participate if I don't live in Berlin, Germany?

A. YES, you can participate if you don’t live in Berlin, Germany. Keep in mind that the film-must be filmed in Berlin, Germany and the screenings will be taking place in Berlin, Germany.

Q. Can we use pre-filmed content?

A. YES, you can use up to 60% of pre-filmed content. Keep in mind that your film must incorporate the Brave Futures elements which won’t be released until the competition kicks off. Upon submission of the film, you will be asked to include a timestamp of where the Brave Futures Elements appear in the film.

Q. Do you provide us with equipment or do we need our own?

We are not able to provide equipment at this time. You are welcome to use whatever is available to you (i.e. cameras, smartphones, etc.). Our teaser video from Brave Futures Film Race (Johannesburg) was filmed on an iPhone 6 and a tripod!! Watch the teaser video here for inspiration.

Q. I would like to participate but I don't have a team. How can I join a team?

A. At this time, we don’t have the capacity to help build out teams but we’ve created this Facebook Group for people to look for team members, share resources and more.

Q. Do I have to finalize my list of team members (cast/crew) when I register or can I submit that later?

A. To pre-register, you will need the name of the "team contact". You do not need to have a complete cast & crew before you pre-register. Upon submission of the film, you will be asked to submit your full cast and crew (including role, f/l name, and email address).

Q. How do we receive the Theme, Action, and Prop Assignment?

A. The Brave Futures elements will be released via email on Friday, February 14 at 18h00 via email to the designated team contact. In addition, the Brave Futures elements, full competition terms and conditions will be posted on This allows you to get started on your film immediately.


Q. Does everyone receive a Theme, Action, and Prop?

A. Every team is assigned the same theme, action, and prop which must be included in their film. All elements must be incorporated into the film. Omission of any element will result in automatic disqualification from the competition.

Q. How closely do we have to follow the Theme assignment in our film?

A. The plot of your film must revolve around the Theme but we allow creative license. The theme needs to be central to the plot of your film in order to be eligible but we want you to have fun and explore your interpretations. 

Q. How do we incorporate the Action and Prop?

A. The Prop and Action must be incorporated into your film but do not have to be central to the plot of your film. 

Q. What is the maximum length of the films?

A. Films submitted must be no longer than 7 minutes.

Q. What is the minimum length of the films?

A. Films submitted must be at least 120 seconds (3 minutes)

Q. How are the films judged?

A. Films are scored in the following categories - Intersectionality, Unapologetic, Innovative, Thought-Provoking, Brave, Creative Direction, Sound, Storytelling, and Use of Brave Futures Elements. All films are scored by the audience via their smart device or cellphone. There will also be laptops available on site for the audience to vote. The Brave Futures Film Race does not employ judges or an official jury. Films submitted and screened are voted and rated solely by the community.

Q. Do the films have to be in English?

 A. No, but films not in English must have subtitles. We allow teams to submit a separate caption file or a copy of their film with subtitles included within 48 hours after the submission deadline. This copy of the film may not be different in any other way from the original, other than the addition of the captions.

More Questions?


*This email is not monitored regularly. Immediate response is not guaranteed. Please expect a response within 24-72 hours of receipt.


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