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DADDY Consultancy helps collectives, institutions, and companies communicate better with their diverse audiences

DADDY’s mission has always been to help elevate underrepresented voices, and through our consultancy, we help institutions make long-term changes to better recruit, retain, and promote diverse talent. We didn’t like what we saw in the business and creative worlds, so we decided to do something about it.

DADDY Consultancy is designed to help people, collectives, institutions, and companies communicate better with their diverse target groups. We are a multilingual, intersectional editorial team – which is far from the norm in Germany. Because of our different identities, we inevitably constantly think about how communication between different groups in society can be improved.

 We believe that our project will result in media-makers being more reflective and sensitive about topics that they know little about due to their biography. With our service, we hope that excuses such as "We could not find PoC / LGBTQI journalists, artists, creatives etc." will no longer be accepted. We can help you reach the creatives you need on your team, or simply interrogate your current work and communication guidelines to help you create truly inclusive and welcoming material.

Our services include: Diversity and inclusion workshops, sensitivity reading, and ongoing consulting.


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