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Unisex, The Brand For Everyone started off as an art project. The site offers prejudice-free clothing and welcomes its visitors by asking “Are you a boy, girl or something else?” What was meant to be an ironic take on gender stereotypes, fashion and radical lifestyles quickly turned into an actual brand after demand for the products grew and people wanted to get involved. Meanwhile, it has become an actual label that the founder, Olya Bazilevic, is happy to let others apply to their products and services, no matter what they are — as long as they’re prejudice-free. We met her to find out more about the project.

What is the mission of Unisex?

 Unisex, brand of everything, is a community of artists, photographers, fashion and graphic designers, event planners and food stylists. Our brand and community strives to create and produce universal, everyday products and services with a fun, ironic and sexy undertone. Unisex indulges in modern lifestyle trends such as a vegan diet or neo-feminism, yet the overarching goal is to achieve harmony between radical lifestyles and the pure enjoyment of life. 

What inspired you to start the project?

Brands, commercial advertising, branding, marketing, business communication and commercial aesthetics. 


Tell us more about your vegan, sugar-free, gluten free, prejudice-free products 

I like the modern radical lifestyle position, like a decision to follow a vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free diet. Even though this approach might be somewhat limiting in real life, we get quite a lot of support. In a way we create products for this audience but with a light irony to it. 

What’s the deal with the safe space you’re offering for sale on your site? When can we purchase it? 

The safe space relates to virtual safe spaces. You can’t actually purchase it but you can invest in it and see how it grows and gets bigger and safer.


How political is Unisex?

Our position is feminist but we aren’t aggressive or radical. Quite the opposite actually. We value independence, personal rights and freedom highly, but we also have fun playing with the feminine and masculine chlichés of our society. 

Do you have something like a dream collaboration in mind?

 It would be awesome to collaborate with a commercial fashion brand.

What’s up next?   

We are planning to start a Unisex food service.

Meet the Unisex community tonight (Friday, 20th January 2017) when they dance the night away with Sang Woo Kim at OHM in Berlin.


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