Sorry, No Disco Pants:  How To Deal With and Pull Off Rejection

Sorry, No Disco Pants:  How To Deal With and Pull Off Rejection


Written by Coco

Art by Coco

Art by Coco

This article is heavily quoting the website on how to deal with or send out a polite NO THANK YOU. The author took the freedom to extend the concept to society in general: job interviews. Friends. Trolls. Annoying neighbours. Annoying people. Because why not.

Learning to deal with rejection is not an easy thing, especially when we are in a place where we feel like people judge how sexy or attractive we are (to get the job) (done). It requires a lot of self-confidence. It also helps to understand why we might be rejected by others.


What are some reasons I might be rejected?

  •  The person might not be looking for someone like me at the moment
  • The person might have just finished looking for someone like me
  • The person might be too high or drunk to look for someone like me
  • The person might be looking for someone else
  • The person might not be physically or emotionally attracted to me

That sucks. What to do?

Just move on. It’s not really a big deal. Realise that it happens to all of us, and will continue to happen. Don’t see it as an indication of your own worth or attractiveness. You’re just not that person’s type. Everyone’s got different tastes and just as you wouldn’t be melancholy over someone being into Craig David over Metallica, so too, should you not be sad forever because they don’t recognise your special snowflake-ness.

How do I say NO politely?

 Being rejected sucks.

 Having to reject others arguably sucks even more. Remember that you don’t have the right to treat others badly. Although you might be looking for something else, you are still dealing with someone’s feelings. Bear that in mind when you have to reject someone.

 Tips when rejecting someone:

  •  With a smile, just say: Sorry, I’m not interested.
  • If the person is looking at you, don’t look back for too long.
  • If the person touches you, move their hand off you and shake your head, but with a smile
  • Don’t push the person away, or say insulting things — you know the drill: like „Get away from me, ugly,“ etc.

Congrats. Now you are ready to say NO politely even when all you’re thinking is „fuck off“. Ready to get a life, say no to your family and friends in a productive way, and finally stake out some time for yourself.


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