A Mixtape For Your Own Personal Revolution

Mixtape For Your Own Personal Revolution

Written by Sophie, Joe and Soriba

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Art by Kemi

SophieI don’t know. I don’t, writing this, feel terribly optimistic. But — I hope I will do eventually. And once I’m ready to stop screaming into a pillow and start talking to people who hold totally different political opinions to me (because how else are things ever going to change?) and once I’m ready to listen to them, really listen to them and hear them out and not give off the patronising, superior vibes a certain class of liberal is prone to, then I’ll need this. You too, hopefully.

Sophie: I’m mad at America right now, which isn’t fair: after all, it’s not just Trump, is it? So, fine: replace “all American” with “Marine Le Pen” “Frauke Petry” and “Geert Wilders” for equal-opportunity international rage.

 Joe: Because old man Orange will get what’s coming to him!

Sophie: Because independent thinking means resisting all cliches, even the musical ones: as this prominent Colombian band testifies, the revolution can be sweetly melodic, too. As the lyrics suggest, protesting doesn’t have to be synonymous with terrorism or anti-patriotism (though…”patriotism”: a discussion for another time.)

Joe: You can’t reason with irrational racist, nationalist chestthumping.

Sophie: “It’s extraordinarily difficult…for a police officer to do anything to an American citizen that would lead to that officer being convicted of a crime. It can happen, but it usually has to involve anal penetration with weapons. At least, the two cases that jump most readily to mind are officer Justin Volpe, who sodomized a man he mistakenly thought had earlier thrown a punch at him in a street fight with a broom handle in a precinct bathroom in New York in 1997, and Dennis Krauss, a Georgia police officer, who repeatedly responded to  domestic violence calls by extorting sexual favors from the women who called him and in 1999, attempted to sodomize one with a gun. Both were sentenced to prison terms. But it usually takes an assault of that outrageousness for an officer to actually go to jail.” — David Graeber in The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity And The Secret Joys Of Bureaucracy 

I mean, also this, too. Obviously.

Joe: This song just always feels like it’s from the perspective of someone sitting on a hill and watching the apocalypse.

Sophie: Been trying so hard to not include obvious 60s folk music hits…but. Here we are. I found and find this obscurely comforting, maybe you will too?

Joe: Goodbye Obama, we knew how good we had it, and it’s still rough to see you go.

Sophie: Tom Robinson proves in under five minutes that being rollickingly funny is potentially the best form of protest. 

Joe: Let’s understand what happened, why it happened, and never let it happen again.

Sophie: Devonte Hynes penned this about 28 year old Sandra Bland who was found hanging in her jail cell on July 13, just three days after she’d first been put in jail. Bland was pulled over following her failure to signal a lane change while driving and after events escalated, the Texas state trooper who approached her alleged she had assaulted him. However, the footage Brian Encinia used to support his allegations appeared to have been edited and he has now been convicted of perjury.

Joe: The country is split down the middle – half the country is afraid and angry of the other half. Not only do we need to support people with our own beliefs but understand why the other side feels the way they do to bridge the gap and repair the damage. 

Soriba: No comment necessary.


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