Meet Malcriada, The All-female Swedish DJ Collective That Wants To Spread Sweet Love All Over The Dancefloor. 

Meet Malcriada, The All-female Swedish DJ Collective That Wants To Spread Sweet Love All Over The Dancefloor. 

By Kemi

Written by Kemi

Crushing On...

Crushing On...

Art by Coco

Art by Coco


Malcriada is a Stockholm-based DJ collective that takes girl power to the next level. In our Q&A the five members Linda Gomes, Dijle Yigitbas, Helena Molin, Maria Viljakka Walter and Moa Johansson explain what their parties are like, and why Stockholm’s nightlife really needed Malcriada to appear on the scene.

What is Malcriada’s mission?

Helena: Our mission is to spread what we think is the salvation of this world: lesbianism and feminism. This world is really a terrible place in many ways, so we want to provide a safe haven where we and our guests can sincerely share peace, love, maybe some saliva, and party at the same time.

 Moa: I dream of creating a bigger intersectional lesbian network together with loads of other feminist initiatives — artists, DJs, clubs, panels, you name it — and then we take over the mainstream club venues, radio stations, events and shows, with dyke power!

Linda: Yes! We always try to make sure that we book new, talented artists as well, to give them the chance to perform in front of a bunch of happy lesbians.

Stockholm’s nightlife is very elitist, and we hate that. (Helena)

Why did you decide to start Malcriada?

Dijle: As a young gay person in Stockholm I couldn’t find the right clubs to go to because the few places there were didn’t play the music I liked. It was either pop music or Eurovision song contest type songs. I couldn’t find a place where people were open, loving and also promoted and welcomed people from outside of Stockholm’s inner city middle class bubble. Besides, these clubs were expensive, which meant that some of my friends didn’t want to go there. And this in turn meant that I lived two different lives, gay me who went to expensive clubs just to express my sexuality, and music-loving me who went to listen to good music, with a good sound system, usually at non-gay clubs. 

I’ve been working as a DJ for decades, so I am picky when it comes to music. Anyway, through Malcriada, I saw the possibility to combine these two lives into one. To me that is very liberating and beautiful. We want to include everyone and try real hard to reach out to a broad crowd where no one is excluded. Representation is very important to us, and that’s why we actively invite artists who don’t benefit from white privilege. Everyone should feel at home when coming to Malcriada and that is something that you have to work with explicitly!

Helena: Yeah, we felt like something was lacking. Stockholm’s nightlife is very elitist, and we hate that. What we mostly get credit for is that the atmosphere at our clubs is so damn nice. During our parties we welcome guests and try to make sure everyone is happy. We participate in the partying to 100% and at the end we always do a shoutout in which we’re looking for an afterparty — which we, of course, attend. So yeah, we kind of started out from what we thought was missing here, while also thinking about the kind of parties we’d like to go to ourselves. We don’t think that we are cooler or better than anyone else, we sincerely appreciate every single guest who creates the party together with us. Jeez, I hate elitism. More solidarity to the people!

 Linda: We like to treat them like a house party where you can arrive by yourself and still feel as welcome, as if it’s your best friend’s party. One of us will always make sure that you feel at home, drink a shot and introduce you to someone you might fancy. 

Moas: There are some lesbian club initiatives in Stockholm, but way too few — so when we started out, all of our ideas of what we wanted Malcriada to be originated from a list we created on a very drunken night out. The list contained all the things we are missing in Stockholm and I remember it being freakishly long, but together we managed to incorporate a lot of the most important things into Malcriada: being an open and welcoming space for anyone that identifies as a lesbian, playing amazing music, and creating a scene for artists who identify as females.

One of us will always make sure that you feel at home, take a shot and introduce you to someone you might fancy. (Linda)

What is the best / worst part of being a team of five?

Helena: We were all good friends, or had friends in common, from the beginning. Making sure that everyone gets equally as much space can be challenging and sometimes one of us needs to take a step back for someone else to take a step forward. That is really important and makes us all grow, so it’s cool. It’s also good that if someone wants to play Yatzy there is always at least one other person who wants to join in. And someone always has a spare tampon. The majority of us haven’t converted to using Mooncups yet, they are kind of tricky to get in there — but I totally support the use of them! It’s also nice because the five of us can sing very loud and also in harmony — it’s beautiful. We’re like a mini choir, but also like a mini army. A peaceful one of course, but since we are very strong we can easily take down any assholes who might interfere with our lesbianism.

 Dijle: During our last gig, at the Swedish music festival Gagnef, it was fun, because there we quite a few of us and we all ended up sleeping in one car. Two of us were in the trunk and everything got even more chaotic when one of us lost her coconut oil — it became a never-ending treasure hunt. It was mental. So we REALLY know each other. And also REALLY love each other.


Moa: Haha, the coconut oil! I was so pissed off back then, trying to sleep after a rave-y night in a crowded, super cold van… But when we have some kind of argument or when we disagree, we’ve learned to talk about it and make sure everyone understands why she/we got upset, and take it from there. I would say that’s one of our biggest achievements as a group. Plus, we always hug it out in the end.

Linda: I totally agree! I think that the biggest challenge is to keep track of everyone’s needs and see that we are all growing within our roles. If someone feels unmotivated it’s hard to keep going. But there is also a balance between wanting to expand and staying true to what Malcriada stands for. And yes, arguments are the best! We always get closer after a big fight. Someone always has an extra pair of fake lashes, I get to hang out with my best friends, pick the music at the best club ever and party with a bunch of lesbians.

Now that your banging body will be hidden under layers and layers of fabric, you might as well add some extra insulation to stay warm. The added benefit is that it keeps the heating bills low, which is good for the environment. All these extra meals (especially when they’re organic) are basically your contribution to stopping climate change and saving the planet, you wonderful, selfless human being!

We’re like a mini choir, but also like a mini army. (Helena)

What are your nights like in terms music, guests & debauchery?

Helena: Wow, they are so much fun and loving and caring and naked and weird and sane and insane. You should come!!!! 

Linda: I like the lovemaking that goes down in the bathrooms, it creates the worst lines when you need to pee but I love that people feel so comfortable. 

Dijle: The sisterhood and the craziness! Lots of dancehall, afrobeats, hip hop, RnB and just conclusively music from all over Tellus.

Moa: Yeah, I would say that on a regular night at Malcriada we often create big dance circles with our guests because it’s hard to stay put behind the mixer table when you see so many fantastic lesbians going at it on the floor. There’s also loads of beer, bubbles, broken toilets because of what Linda said, and just pure, great energy.

 Maria: A night with us is like a huge party with your best friends, and if you don’t know anyone, you’ll make new friends.

Tell us about Malcriada’s best night party so far, and the reason for it being so special?

Helena: Hmm, they have all been great, but we had one party last year where our best filmmaker friend fell in a very fun way and spilled wine all over her face. That was hilarious. It was also really fun when the artist Gnucci broke the DJ booth at our Pride party some years ago. She sat on top of the DJ booth, twerked, and somehow that was so much girl power that the booth couldn’t handle it. Badass. We also had a spring prom which was splendid, and on top of that Mapei performed that night – how dreamy is that?

Moa: Ohh it’s super hard to just pick ONE? Hmm. I guess it would be the Pride party we threw back in 2014, when everything got so crowded and steamy that sweat was dripping from the walls, and Gnucci crowdsurfed the dance floor! Ahh. A bunch of our guests took their shirts off, and when the security dude came and tried to get them to put the shirts back on because they weren’t allowed to be “bare breasted”, it created a massive wave of ladies stripping their clothes off and pointing their fingers at him. I loved, loved, loved that moment! It made me feel that all of us together had created something so wonderful.

Maria: I think great things happen at all of our parties. Our spring prom was amaaazing, as we all wore beautiful prom dresses. The Malcriada crowd make our nights magical.


I would absolutely love Mariah Carey to just be sitting on a chaise longue next to us, sipping champagne. (Maria)

Is there something like a dream gig or collaboration you have in mind?

Helena: YES! If Yemi Alade, or Agneta from ABBA sees this — we really want to be friends with you and we are really fun to hang out with, so please call us! Great accomplishments can be achieved!! 

Linda: Queen Latifah, she can bring her boo, they would have a good time with us. 

Dijle: We have also said that we want to do our own feminist festival at some point, with exclusively female identifying artists as headliners. Grace Jones, Tina Turner and of course Beyoncé would be our honorary guests!

Moa: OMG yes a Malcriada festival! We’ve talked about this in a dreamy way for years. Maybe it’s time? I would love to have Angel Haze there and drive all the dykes crazy…And Zara Larsson has an ongoing invitation to all of our parties 

Maria: Yeeees to everyone named above. I would absolutely love Mariah Carey to just be sitting on a chaise longue next to us, sipping champagne. And Spice rocking the shit out of the dancefloor with her magic.

What’s up next?

Helena: Well, we are very much looking forward to being invited to Berlin soon so we can all hang out and spread some sweet sweet love.

 Moas: Yeah, Berlin, don’t be a stranger — let us come sweat with you!

Linda: A very secret gig in the deep Swedish woods to which DADDY readers are, of course, invited. Besos!


Follow Malcriada on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on their shenanigans.

Image: from the top— Helena Molin, Maria Viljakka Walter, Moa Johansson, Linda Gomes, Dijle Yigitbas.


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