Song of the Month: "Bist du down" by Ace Tee


Written by Sophie


Art by Coco

Because it sounds like summer, which is something you badly need when it’s -6 out and you slipped and fell on your face on your way down the street to buy milk. Because it’s an earworm of such epic proportions that you don’t even need to press play, because it’s on loop in your head. And because, while you wanted to think it was your own personal discovery (sure, courtesy of The Fader, Dazed, Vogue — name your poison), every time you’ve gone to a house party this month, it’s been the audio backdrop. We asked Ace Tee what lay behind the song:

“When I made the song, I already knew where I wanted to go with it. I, or, even better, we — Kwam.e and Plusma — we wanted to make a 90s song and incorporate that vibe, also in the video. I had hoped for 10,000 views in a year. That would have been the dream ;)”


Since the YouTube views for this currently clock in at over half a million, I’d say 2017 is Ace Tee’s dream and we’re all just living in it.




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