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Three Thousand and the One: a Snax Odyssey



Written by Kemi & Sophie

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What better way to recover from your NYE hangover than with our roundup of some of our best articles of 2017? We published a LOT of great work, so no shade intended to writers we don’t cite here, but these were the pieces that gave us goosebumps. #bestofdaddy2017 

Charlie Wührer wrote about coming out in your mid 20s:

“We fall in love with people and not with gender,” she said a little sternly. “True,” I thought, “but when I’m in a room full of strangers my eyes never find and follow the men.”

“One does not take an Audre Lorde quote and turn it into a platitude about getting your toenails painted.” Tashina Blom wrote about how self-care isn’t revolutionary unless you’re a revolutionary.

Claudia Turner made us splutter-laugh our coffee over ourselves like characters in a sitcom with “Conversations Since I Began Dating Myself”

In April Rin Johnson wrote a reflection on Get Out and the white gaze, in Berlin & elsewhere — we're still thinking about it 7 months later:

“People are so strange and hot and lovely: one morning I spent my 30 minute ride on the U2 gazing covertly at a girl with limp hair, dreaming of the life we’d have in Rome.” Mikaella Clements on falling in love with strangers:

“The two-piece I was rocking was patterned with perfect paisleys. I stepped out with hesitancy, confidence, pride and a light smattering of fear. “ Hamza Beg talked about wearing a shalwar kameez & weathering white microaggressions.

EVBG founder Marie Beckmann was so fucking bored of the men in Berlin's art scene talking down to her.

Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor and Isaiah Lopaz, two brilliant Berlin-based artists from the US, weighed in on the discussion about moving the house of civil rights icon Rosa Parks from Detroit to a private backyard in Wedding.

Self-described prude Samuel Jefferson hit the sex party #Snax for the first time.

And lastly, an ode to being a rude ass bitch – because sometimes, when being polite gets you nowhere, adapting to your surroundings by unleashing the inner beast can be incredibly therapeutic.


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