Dreams Come True: Launching The Dreams Issue

Written by Janice Faith
Photos by DADDY Team

DADDY Magazine Presents: Community building with Refuge Worldwide and ROOTS Berlin

Written by Delali Amegah
Photos by Sahand Ghorbanpoor


In September 2021 we made a dream come true and published our second print issue DREAMS, a 2-in-1 issue that explores the realms of dreams and reality in creative, critical and humorous ways. For a year we had worked together with an amazing team of talented writers, artists, designers and activists and were beyond excited to be able to host a launch event at Callie’s to celebrate our collective work. 

We had the pleasure to host DREAMSCAPES together with ONEIRIC SPACE, an ever-evolving research and publishing practice exploring the interplay between dreams and waking life. Starting with an inspiring panel talk on the potential of our shared dreams with Charmaine Li, Sailesh Naidu and Sarah Marinus and a short film screening, we moved on to some wonderful readings by Beccy Korang, Daniel Marin Medina and Janice Faith for a first taste of the DREAMS issue. 

Beccy Korang read from our cover story “Us People: Dreams of Freedom'' which collects the thoughts and experiences of German QTIBIPOC’s on the intersection of Blackness and queerness and speaks in solidarity with LGBTQIA+ communities in Ghana and beyond. “Us People” and our second cover story, the photo essay “Celebrating Asian Heritage Amid a Rise in Anti-Asian Racism” not only graced the covers of the freshly printed magazines but also the beautiful studio space in the form of limited edition posters. 

After bringing the evening to a close with a few drinks, lovely conversations and some old and new connections our guests were able to go home with our iconic pink tote bags filled with sexy surprise gifts by Iroha and Tenga Global and of course a copy of the DREAMS issue.

Browse a selection of photos from our launch below and make sure to stay tuned for the next DADDY event. 

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In mid-March, we hosted “Community building,” our second event of the year, at Soho House Berlin. We interviewed Naima Nazir, co-founder of ROOTS Berlin and Richard Akingbehin, co-founder of Refuge Worldwide about the creation of their platforms catered to underrepresented communities.

Our guest speakers shared with us how they were able to bring people together through radio shows, healing, and creative workshops despite the recent global health crisis and with limited resources when they first started. They discussed the difficulty of having to maintain a day job while managing their teams in the past. They’ve also explained to a captivated audience how, over time, the combination of financial aid and brand partnerships has given them the freedom to dedicate themselves to the growth of their respective communities and their own personal creative journeys.

Browse a selection of photos and extracts from the panel discussion. Make sure to stay tuned for the next DADDY event. 

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