DADDY's Taking A Summer Break - See You In Autumn

DADDY's Taking A Summer Break - See You In Autumn

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Oh thank god.

Summer is h-e-r-e. At DADDY HQ, we’re loosening our ties. We’re ordering lunch with two Aperol Spritzes on the side (hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?). We’re sleeping in, just because. We’re thinking about extending that day trip into a weekend trip and then calling our boss on the Monday and telling her we’ll see her in a fortnight.

Which is the long way of saying, baby, we’re going on our summer break. Don't cry: we’ll be back before you know it in September to celebrate our birthday. See you in Berlin for a big, chaotic knees up. That’s a party, not a sex position.

Q. Dear Daddy, how should I spend the long DADDY hiatus?


  • Reread Kemi’s evergreen Berlin summer opus, consider going on holiday with your parents with Sophie’s recommendation of the same or celebrate your summer horniness with Mikaella’s love letter to the joy of crushes. 
  • Pitch us! We’ll be returning in September with articles related to the theme “fall” - we’re not just thinking about the American word for autumn, we’re thinking about falling in love, falling out with friends, moral and ethical falls, the Mark E. Smith band, diving, Fallout Boy, life in freefall. Email us at
  • Go to this! It looks fun.
  • Enjoy hot girl summer

See you on the other side,

Team Daddy xoxo


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