Berlin Pornfilmfestival: Sneak Peek With Nicky Miller


Nicky Miller is a Berlin-based gender fluid artist and filmmaker. We caught up with them to talk about porn, porn music, and what to expect from this year’s Berlin Pornfilmfestival.

The following explicit interview and trailer have been rated NSFWHBP (Not Safe For Work, Homophobes, or Boring People).

Hi Nicky, if we can jump right into the first question, do you consider yourself a filmmaker or a pornographer? Is there a difference?

Nicky: Well, first I’m an artist. I never studied filmmaking, but I consider myself a filmmaker because I use the process of filmmaking and I’m a fresh pornographer.


And what interested you to start shooting porn?

Nicky: I was inspired by my nightlife. I was inspired by the people I saw in sex parties and gay clubs. I never had the intention to talk about sex. It was just a part of my life.

 It’s only since Oh!Socks! in 2014 that I released my first film about men in the darkroom and started going to the Pornfilmfestival. It motivated me to go on because I was thinking, “Oh, the Pornfilmfestival is so fun I want to go back next year!” So I started to do porn like that.


In your films you mostly depict gay or queer fantasy scapes where it’s hard to tell what’s fantasy versus reality. What interests you about sexuality outside the norms?

Nicky: Everything is about the smell of sex or the touch of it or the feelings. It’s not obvious and explicit all the time. It can be about the dress code. It’s all about codes when you’re going to a sex party or a fetish party. It’s all about codes of gaze, of consent, of understanding each other in a free space for sex. I wanted to represent what we live today here in Berlin. I was searching and then it came to me like that. “Let’s talk about it!”


Is there anything the fetish scene can teach about consent to the normative world?

Nicky: I think it could work, yes. My friends founded Pornceptual, a party which is open to everyone. There are codes, but they put the codes in the event and they welcome a lot of people who first don’t know where they are or who they are. We can teach them, of course. It’s important to teach. I think I was taught by probably many people too. It’s all about transmitting what we know about the love we want to share.


I remember those rules. Isn’t the last one, “Respect is the ultimate rule”?

Nicky: Yeah! Respect each other and then we can have a fun party. Consent is the main rule.

Your latest film “Lemon Taste” is showing at the Pornfilmfestival. Is there anything you can tell us about it in advance?

Nicky: “Lemon Taste” is like lemonade. It’s juicy!

It’s my first explicit movie and I’m very happy. It was my first crew in Berlin and everything was new. Usually I do everything by myself, but for the first time I delegated the camera and the editing. I wrote the script and I directed and I produced.

It’s a much better work, I think, for me. Another level. Not better because I don’t judge what I did before, but it’s another level for me because my crew was more professional. I don’t neglect the past work I did because I love working with non-professional people, but all the actors were porn actors or involved in porn or activists in porn or producers in porn.


You worked with professional musicians too, right?

Nicky: Yeah! I know a lot of musicians because I love dancing and I’m partying a lot!

 For “Oh!Socks!” I met DkA, a producer from Brussels. He’s mainly a DJ and I loved his sets. Then I learned he wasn’t only a producer, he’s also a composer so I asked him, “If I give you my images do you want to compose some tracks for me?” And then we started to compose together while drinking tequila and talking about porn. We collaborated for all my movies except this one.

 “Lemon Taste” was Deepneue. He’s a DJ and a composer and a friend too because we met in the collective TrashEra. We are a collective of artists working together and supporting each other in this big city.


Porn music used to be great thanks to pioneers like Patrick Cowley, but then it became terrible and has kind of disappeared with more amateurs filming themselves, no?

Nicky: It’s true that there is a lack of music, but I like the kitsch of the old 70s porn. It could be nice to make a DJ set of all these tracks.


For someone who attends the Pornfilmfestival for the first time is there something you would recommend to keep in perspective or think about?

Nicky: It’s my third festival this year. Everything is good. It depends on your sexuality because there is something for everyone. Every body, every gender, every sexuality is represented so I don’t know what to recommend. 

The parties are great at Ficken3000 because you can meet all the crew and the staff. And you can talk about porn and watch it together. This is the main thing that’s important for me, watching porn in the same room with everyone. I also love the Kino Moviemento because it’s an old historic underground cinema from Berlin.


And final question for everyone who wants to know how porn actors “get in character”. Do you use fluffers* on set? Who can apply?

Nicky: Well, I would be the first to apply!

I don’t know how it works really, a fluffer. I never observed from the outside another filmmaker or director doing porn, so I’m interested. Probably I will try to find a fluffer for the next one. Thank you for the tip!

You can follow Nicky on Vimeo and sometimes on Instagram or Facebook when they aren’t blocking their account.

*If you want to help on set, a fluffer gives male porn stars blowjobs to get them ready to perform. #yourewelcome #DADDYknowsbest


The 13th Berlin Pornfilmfestival runs from 23–28 October.


This interview has been edited and abridged.


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