Berlin Feminist Film Week (and some mentioning of the Oscars)


Article by Julie Gaspard


Art by Berlin Feminist Film Week

So, we are finally done with the Oscars, (#OscarsSoPeele, which I just found out was not a very popular hashtag, which is a shame as Get Out was a great film) and the great winner was a fish creature. Let’s compare and contrast this traditional very cis-white-male-utopia with the Berlin Feminist Film Week which, now in its fifth year has continued to expose its audience to productions by women, PoC and queer filmmakers. BFFW is taking place from the 8th till the 14th of March featuring often surprising, entertaining, very femtastic movies and short films.

What should you go see?

If you liked Get Out (can you tell that I liked it?) you should go see:
Bloody Breakfast: Women in Horror, CRCLR House, Sunday, March 11th 11.30h

This short film program, curated by Final Girls Berlin, features seven movies which star, as you guessed it: Women! And Horror! FGB hosts a biannual horror film festival which showcases horror cinema directed, written or produced by women. I am especially excited for their selection of Waste by Justine Raczkiewicz in which quirky foodie Olive serves increasingly strange meals for her roommate Roger. Do not worry, the breakfast that will be served at the screening is vegan, so no blood there. Afterwards there will be a talk with Final Girls Berlin about their fascination for gruesome films. I loved Call Me By Your Name. The book, the fashion, the HO-- USE (which is for sale in real life btw) and the sweet representation of queer love. If you are with me in the CMBYN-fanclub go see:
Shorts: Queer life and love, CRCLR House, Saturday, March 10th, 2pm

Instead of a peach playing the main part, a pomegranate is the star in Full by AORTA films. Yeey vitamins! The two main babes in this short also look super happy to be touching each other which is, well, wonderful. Be Right Back, also included in this screening, sounds like a queer more fun Phantom Thread, which I assume is about beautiful clothes and sex? Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was not a perfect film for me for reasons that are easily found on the internet. I did enjoy Frances McDormand’s no fucks (or a lot of fucks) attitude though. More bad girls who refuse to do what they’re told to do feature in:
Shorts: Transgressive Girls, CRCLR House, Friday the 9th, 8:45pm

As someone who grew up watching oddball Scandinavian kids shows, I am living for the gloomy Swedish girls in Olivia Kastebring’s Juck. Green Puff by US-based Sophia Loffreda headlining a troupe of 10 year old soccer girls who find a bag of marijuana and decide to sell it sounds like it could have been my Dutch childhood if I hadn’t stayed home all day watching weird Swedish kids movies…

More info about the Berlin Feminist Film Week program can be found here:


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