Love it or hate it, NYE is here. Time to dance 2016 away with a disco-infused playlist courtesy of the lovely DADDY James. Click here to listen to it via our YouTube channel. Happy 2017!




1. Mya and The Mirror – Hesitation (1984)

I saw Boris play an amazing Italo set earlier this year which inspired me to dust off my own Italo collection. This one is produced by Maurizio Dami AKA Alexander Robotnik.


2. Mata Hari – Mata Hari (1987)

Mysterious euro disco (origin unknown).


3. Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes – Today’s Your Lucky Day (Dub version) (1984)

Really gorgeous bassline over delicate synths, top disco.


4. The Mole – Lockdown Party (DJ Sprinkles remix) (2013)

Terre Thaemlitz often bewilders her audience with her trippy, esoteric live sets. This remix stretches the original into an hallucinogenic groove. The Chicago keyboard jabs sound like a sample of Mr Fingers “Can you feel it?”.


5. Shinichiro Yokota – Shake Yours (1991)

Techno snobs may turn their noses up, but I love the naivety of all the 90s Japanese house that has resurfaced lately on Rush Hour recordings etc. This one is a cute cover of Gaz Nevada’s IC Love Affair.


6. Hodge – Forms of Life (2015)

I listen to a brilliant Dublin radio show called Dip which keeps me relatively up to date on new(ish) releases. This one is released on London label Berceuse Heroique.


7. Sha Lor – I’m In Love (Conservative Version) (1988)

This shorter edit is my favourite version of this House classic. The vocal at the end is edited without losing that brassy edge.


8. Baba Stiltz – Cherry (2015)

Baba Stiltz is playing in the Pickle Factory in London in February which I’m looking forward to.


9. Denise Motto – IMNXTC (1987)

Swaggering vocal over a wonky acid leitmotif, one of my top 5 favourite dance tracks of all time.


10. Omar S – Oasis 13.5 (2009)

Omar S is uber masc and that gets uber tedious but hey you can judge the art and not the artist. His analogue drum sounds don’t really sound like anyone else.


11. Underground Resistance – Transition (2002)

I first heard this at a party on a balcony 24 floors up looking over London – one of those indelible moments. A good one for when the clock strikes 12.


12. Blake Baxter – Our Luv (2009)

I love Blake Baxter, this Donna Summer sample is a pretty universal tune, it even gets the seal of approval from fussy work colleagues in my office.


13. Pleasure Zone – Fantasy (1988)

Relentless percussion and sleazy vocals – all the freshness of early acid.


14. Liaisons D – Heartbeat (1989)

This is basically a slightly more demented version of the more widely known Relax Your Body by DFX Krew. It’s by German EBM group Liaisons D who are behind the seminal record “Los Ninos Del Parque”. 


15. Edwards and Armani – Acid Drill (1989)

I’m slightly obsessed with New Beat music, which originated in clubs and raves in the late 80s in places like Boccaccio club in Belgium. The songs have bizarre pop structures and melodies under the rubric of an acid house beat.


16. Virginia – Raverd (Extended Version) (2016)

Fierce for the Night was my guilty pleasure of the 2016, a fun, unserious release. I caught Mike Servito playing this back to back to her Pano anthem Funkert earlier this year which was a treat.


17. Expansions – Move Your Body (Club Mix) (1990)

One of the funniest things about finding old house tracks on YouTube are the comments from grown up ravers reminiscing about caning Es back in the good old days 🙂 🙂 🙂


18. Tin Man – Finger Paint (2012)

One for the new years day comedown! Tin Man packs so much emotion into a 303 synth. In this one the beats are more elastic than his signature dry sound, with choral vocals bubbling up to a crescendo. Sublime.


Written by: James McCormack
Image by: Coco