DADDY presents: The TOGETHER Issue

DADDY is a platform for underrepresented voices in media. Our contributors are Black, of colour, queer, trans, female, muslim, jewish, fat, disabled, you name it.

For us, diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality aren’t trends, they’re at the core of everything we do.

Some of you remember when the website launched in 2016, and since then we’ve hosted panel discussions with inspiring people like Munroe Bergdorf and Diana Arce, co-organised the Brave Futures Film Race with Chicago-based OTV, and thrown really fun parties. Back when we could still do that...

We did all of that as an artist collective and network of volunteers because we believed in the mission, but since exposure doesn’t pay anyone’s bills…👀

We had to start paying people.💸

That’s why we changed things up this year by founding a media start-up! 🖥

Right on time for a global pandemic. 🦠

To launch our first ever print magazine! 📖

In the middle of an economic depression. 📉

The theme of our first issue is TOGETHER, and we’re exploring what this means on a personal and global level in 2020. To help cover the printing costs, we’re asking you, our readers and followers, to back us by pre-ordering a copy or buying one of the listed rewards. This magazine is for and by our diverse communities, and with your help, we’ll make it an annual, sustainable publication free of corporate influence.

Support us by pre-ordering the TOGETHER Issue or buying any reward packages in our online shop.


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We are raising €8.500 to support our writers

The funding goal to cover the production costs of our 100% Black-owned magazine is €8.500. Everything that exceeds this goal will be reinvested into our next print issue, when we celebrate five years of DADDY!

Why should you support us?

  1. Because every contributor to the magazine is getting paid...
  2. Because we make you laugh and think and sometimes maybe cry a little...
  3. And because independent media telling real stories has never been more important. 

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