The JOY Issue

This issue is dedicated to the small and big things that bring us happiness – despite everything that's going on in the world right now. Read about the Black nod, unapologetic queer love, the importance of Black joy and feast your eyes on photographs and artworks that celebrate friendship, love, and intimacy.

The Dreams Issue

Dreaming is an essential part of our existence. We dream of our futures, we dream ourselves away and we walk the blurry line between reality and fantasy. Who can afford  to dream? Whose dreams have the potential to actually come true? In our DREAMS issue we invite you to dream big and visit the dreamscapes of our contributors.


The Together Issue

We’re all in this together. We’ve all come across this phrase in the last months but what does it actually mean? Is there only being together and being alone or are there ways of togetherness we have yet to explore? In our TOGETHER issue we try to answer these questions with humour, thoughtfulness, creativity and the personal stories that make up DADDY.

Brave Spaces 
in Sports

The Good Ones

They’re smart. They’re successful. They’re the “good ones”. In this series it’s time to do some mythbusting and let the “model minorities” speak. 

Crushing On...

This series gives us butterflies and makes our hearts beat faster. We want to let you in on our sweet little secret and introduce you to people and projects we just can’t stop thinking about.


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