Submission Guidelines and FAQS


Submission Guidelines


Even if you are sending us a fully written article, please write us a pitch. Your pitch should be no more than 200-250 words and set out clearly what you want the article to be about and include relevant links for reference. Find the correct editor to email on our Contact page. If you’re unsure send it to the editor you think will be most relevant who will then forward it on.


The subject line should be “Pitch – ” and then your proposed headline. For instance: “Pitch – Men of the art world! Please stop monologue-ing at me, thx”.


Try and make sure your pitch is original and not on a topic we have already covered on the site. Once we have received your pitch we will aim to look over it and reply as soon as we can. If you haven’t received a response in a couple of weeks do follow up with us. If we accept your pitch we’ll give you a submission deadline, some advice and ideas on how we’d like to see the piece and a word count.


Please only pitch to us if you are a self-identifying woman of colour or non-binary person of colour.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a contributor for DADDY?

By sending us pitches!


Who does DADDY take submissions from?

DADDY takes submissions from everyone who would like to share stories of their lived experience relating to age, class, disability, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation.


Who runs DADDY?

DADDY is run by a team of voluntary editors. We all work on DADDY in our spare time alongside other employment or studying – meet us on our Team page.


How quickly will we look at your piece?

Because we all work alongside our voluntary roles at DADDY, we may take a few weeks to look at your piece. If the piece is time sensitive please make this clear in the subject line of your email.


How is DADDY structured?

We have an editor-in-chief, section editors, an art director and an amazing team of dedicated, regular contributors.


Does DADDY republish content?

We will only republish blog posts and content that has appeared online or in print for other media outlets only under exceptional circumstances.


Will my piece definitely get published?

Although we aim to work with all writers, sometimes we do reject pitches, and “spike” pieces after they have been commissioned and written.


Can I submit my artwork?

If you want to contribute artistically or illustrate send over examples of work to our art director,


Does DADDY offer work experience or internships?

At present we cannot offer work experience or internships, even virtually.