Like many a girl who experiences a particularly atrocious breakup, overflowing wine glasses and Tinder were at the forefront of my mind after I ended a 4-year relationship. It’s cathartic to revel in a drunken stupor and find self-validation in those three magical words — “it’s a match!” — and these were activities I indulged in for a while. In addition to booze and mindless swiping, I generally opt to write about my experiences in order to extract some form of meaning from them.


But as is the case with newly single women, I didn’t want to be alone in my pursuit of comfort. Even though I was the one who had ended the relationship, I craved the company and attention of those around me at all times. I even made my brother travel interstate to sleep on my bedroom floor, such was my fear of being faced with my internal world. Which is why writing about my breakup and discovery of dating 2.0 didn’t appeal to me anymore. Sitting in front of a blank page scared me and I wanted to get inside the brains of everyone else who was similarly pessimistic.


So I started a podcast all about love and sex.


What started as a way for me to air my dirty laundry and receive free counselling from friends and relationship experts turned into something bigger. All We Cannot Say is no longer just an outlet for the musings of a 20-something — it’s a resource for the dazed, confused and perpetually curious. It’s part of a movement towards brutal honesty, and contributes to an open discourse about particularly taboo subjects. In other words, the things that matter to us and that we need to talk about, but we’re not.


In the episode below, I decided to *BIG GULP* come out as bisexual in an interview with a gay rights activist. It’s not information I ever intended to go public with — I’m not a celebrity so what’s the point? But as I learned from James Dominguez, who features on the episode, visibility is one of the most powerful acts for the LGBT community. Which isn’t to say I’m the first white female to profess an interest in the same sex, but if one girl and a microphone can help others find meaning, then you can find me right here broadcasting my feelings. Every two weeks.




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Written by: Camilla Peffer
Image by: Coco