Do Black People Tan?


You don’t need sunshine, you’re already dark enough.


Do you need sunscreen?


Can you even get sunburnt?


Can you get skin cancer?


Wow, you’re so tanned!


You’re sooo dark now.


You’re as black as the night now.


I barely recognised you with that tan.


I mean, you’re black black!


I’m not sure I like you this black.


I think it suits you better to be less black.


You kind of go a dirty brown rather than golden tan.


You’re all eyes and teeth now!


They should name a Birkin bag after you.


I prefer your skin colour when you’re less tanned.


There’s no need to get offended, it’s just a preference.


Why do you always have to make it about race?



Written by: Kemi & Karim

Image by: Coco