DADDY Is Going On Vaycay, See You In September!


Like an actual real-life person who hasn’t yet hit the beach in July, DADDY magazine is tired and gently irritable and badly needs a holiday. A back rub would be nice, too. Thus: summer break! A month or two of doing whatever the hell we want — don’t cry for us Argentina, we’ll be back in September. Intentions for the summer:



  • head to the nearest body of water, take off clothes, recline, edge into water in painful micro movements because it’s TOO COLD. Splash friend, regret splashing friend when they manage to lodge your contact lense to the back of your eyeball with one particularly well-directed jet of water. Spend rest of day like crone from Disney’s Snow White, peering out of just one eye.


  • trashy beach reads. No, don’t give us that highly literary Man Booker nominated novel. It can wait til September. We’re reading “Historical MyLady” romance Sturm der Liebe in Devon, and if that Abebooks delivery ever gets there, ‘70s horror classic Killer Crabs.


See you on the other side!




Written by: Sophie 

Image by: Beth Walrond