Rin Johnson


Rin Johnson is a Dad in Training focusing on micromanaging a multidisciplinary practice as an artist / writer while raising an 8 lb chihuahua-dachshund mix named Mies van der Rohe. When Johnson is not reminding friends to consider the end of gender and capitalism the young DiT can be found reminding anyone who will listen to bring a sweater to the next function and to always keep candles and fresh water in the house in case of chill or emergency. Johnson likes virtual spaces, the smell of rose water, sunsets, super moons and not surprisingly long walks on the beach.

Johnson is the author of “Nobody Sleeps Better Than White People” from Inpatient Press and the forthcoming virtual reality book, “Meet in the Corner” from Publishing House. Johnson writes for the Brooklyn Rail and founded Imperial Matters with Sophia Le Fraga. Sometimes, Johnson teaches image literacy and photography at Bruce High Quality Foundation University (BHQFU). Johnson is an MFA candidate for sculpture at Bard College. Johnson lives in Brooklyn most of the time. See more of Johnson’s work at rinjohnson.com.