Claudia Turner, Writer


Claudia Turner is a writer, artist, existential ninja and introverted space cadet hailing from the heart of Yellowstone, and currently living in Taos, New Mexico. She has a BA in Literature from the University of Oregon, and an MFA from San Francisco Art Institute. She also has three neurotic dogs, two terrorist cats and a beautiful baby girl, Dakota Raine. 


Claudia thinks that if we could see the future we probably wouldn’t want anything to do with it; the most important part of not forgetting is not trying to remember things the way you want to; and if the conversation gets too serious, you should take your pants off. When she’s not writing for DADDY and JHStyle Mag, she can be found running, playing the piano and cooking mean curries. She’s also finishing a book, “Notes on a Hospitalized Pregnant Woman”, which can be examined and probed on her blog,


She tweets as: @cloudypianos